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Champion Day Trader Course

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Champion Day Trader by Uday Dave

Curriculum of Part-I :
Section 1: Trading Basics
Videos on understanding the markets and how they function, technical and price action analysis, understanding day trading, and basics of charting.
Section 2: Structure of the markets
Two videos to make you completely understand the structure of markets.
Section 3: Trend, Range and Decision Points
Total 18 comprehensive videos.
Section 4: Day trading concepts
Videos on acceptance and rejection of prices, space, fluid & congestion, barbwire, gaps, trend strength and volatility.
Section 5: All about Patterns
FBOF and BPB patterns, plus one on direct breakout, trend reversal.
Section 6: Trade Management
Two lengthy videos on proper trade management and scratching the trade.
Section 7: Advanced Price Action Reading
Lengthy videos on Big Picture, trading on MCX, live MCX trade examples, Volume and News flow.
Section 8: Trade Examples
Two complete trade example videos.
Section 9: Trading Index options
successful trading of Nifty and Bank Nifty options.

Curriculum of Part-II:
- Learn grading system to spot good trade setups.
- Learn a well-defined risk management and position sizing so that whenever you lose, you lose less and whenever you earn, you earn big.
- Learn how to design a trade plan so that you can handle yourself better psychologically and better deal with different emotional situations.
- Learn how to practice properly on historical data so that you can train your brain for trading.
- Learn how to use Amibroker charting software for trading, how to fetch historical data (you will get access to last 10+years of 1-minute data of Index and stock futures).
- Learn how to prepare and use trading journal 



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