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Forex Autopilot

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Caution! If you continue reading this you will discover Forex Autopilot, a new program that has never been released before. This is the same program that has netted me a profit of more than $100,000 last year from my kitchen tableThis system delivers proven resultsand allows you to earn money with Forex trading on auto pilot. Within hours you can hit pay dirt and begin bringing home piles of money. Better yet, you can experience these same exciting results DAY AFTER DAY. Are you paying attention yet?

Reviewed: The Amazing Success Secrets Of a Highly Placed Industry Insider. Together With A Professor Mathematician he created a system that has literally placed the process on autopilot while turbo charging earnings in a way that has the entire industry reeling.



…“$16,858” he answered...”Would you repeat this, Marcus?!” I asked... “We’ve just made Sixteen-Thousand-Eight-Hundred-Fifty-Eight Dollars Yesterday”... 
I dropped the phone... The game was on...

Marcus Leary, Creator of Forex Autopilot: “Since Developing Forex Autopilot I've Been Able To Earn More Than $1,000,000 In The Last Year, Working Out Of My Own Home. More Importantly For You, I'm About To Reveal How You Can Duplicate The Success I've Experienced By Following A Few Step-By-Step Instructions And A Simple System That Is Powerful Beyond Belief”.

"You are virtually GUARANTEED to make money on auto pilot with this system or I'll refund your money. You are not likely to find many other Forex trading software packages that offer this kind of guarantee or an auto pilot system for operation."

Check out the screenshot below. This is an actual screenshot of forex autopilot in trading mode.

This is actual money being traded and earned and NOT a simulation.

As you can tell from the screenshot I earned a little over $6,000 in three weeks' time, completely on auto pilot. The real stunner is that this is only the profits from one account. Can you imagine the profit potential of multiple accounts or larger investments? Keep reading to learn even more...



New to Forex? Get the FX Software Solutions complimentary e-Mail Course!


Congratulations! You may very well have just found the most important website you will ever have the good fortune of discovering. This is definitely among the most groundbreaking of websites you will see when it comes to making money online or operating a business from home.


Here's why...

You probably ended up on this page while researching profitable home based business ventures or auto pilot systems for earning an income online. Many people just like you are searching every day for ways to make a little extra money from home in their spare time.

Forex trading is a great place to begin – especially if you can find a system such as mine that allows you to profit from Forex trading on auto pilot and doesn't require intimate knowledge of the industry in order to achieve success.

If you are serious about bringing in a FULL TIME income from the comfort of home, intrigued by the thought of making more money than you've ever dreamed possible, and wish to work as little as 10 hours a week in order to do so... then you need to read what comes next!

How would you like for me to show you the step-by-step process and techniques that you, with absolutely no experience, can follow to make a thousand dollars are more online EACH and EVERY day? Could knowing these secrets be the kick in the pants you need to create a stable financial environment for you and your family?

Does it sound impossible? How about “too good to be true”? It isn't!

Pay attention because this will completely change how you view work for the rest of your life.

People will tell you that it is nearly impossible to make money working from home for one reason – lack of information. Some people will even go so far as to tell you that it is impossible, that no one can do it. But it really boils down to what is actually possible rather that what people "think" is possible. And the truth is: You can make a substantial profit trading Forex online if you have the right tools and information at your disposal.

Access to the right type of information is essential when it comes to creating any highly successful business. Bill Gates would not be in the position he enjoys today if he had not known exactly what he needed to do and when he needed to do it. Steve Jobs wasn't just a lucky man, he had a system for success that worked for him.

They used the right information and literally left the rest of their competition in the dust.


So what do these industry leaders have to do with you?

What if you had access to the knowledge and training that would allow you to literally soar over your competition and turbo-boost your income to a six-figure or better salary? That is what I'm offering you right here and now: the same kind of knowledge that launched Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Are you going to sit back and let this amazing opportunity slip through your fingers or are you going to take action and grab hold onto a future that doesn't involve the 9 to 5 grind?


The fact that you’re here is proof enough that you’re finally ready to throw off the shackles of the 9-to-5 and start your new life earning a part or full-time income from the comfort of your own home. This is a REAL business you own and run and it will produce you passive income like nothing else on the planet!

Let’s first take a look at the reasons why working in an office, like a schmuck isn’t for you

  • You don’t want to jump through hoops for someone else.
  • You don’t want to sweat it al day long while multiplying someone else's fortune..
  • You don’t want live your life by the alarm clock.
  • You don’t want to spend hours of your life commuting two and from an office.

What else don't you want?


  • You don’t want to invest huge amounts of money to get started.
  • You don’t want to spend months or years learning to make money!

Am I right? OK so let’s think about what you do want…

  • You do want to work your own hours.
  • You do want a business you can operate from your own home.
  • You do want a business that you can take pride in.
  • You do want to enjoy yourself.
  • You do want to earn enough money to take care of yourself and your family.
  • And last but certainly not least, you do want to start earning money immediately!

If you found yourself agreeing with any of the last 6 statements then I can safely say that you needn’t look any further for a home working opportunity. This is guaranteed to put you on the highway to success, not only showing you the road to take, but also adding some rocket fuel to your tank and launching you down a path of full bank accounts and worry free living.  Just CLICK HERE to lock in your copy of Forex Auto Pilot including FREE bonuses.



Birk Beckham, Las Vegas Nevada:

" since i`ve discovered Forex Autopilot life has been in the easy and fast lane for me"


Get Rich Quick Schemes and Multi-Level Marketing Scams Suck!

This is not some run-of-the-mill ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’ and it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘Multi-Level Marketing’. Unfortunately, these useless ‘products’ plague today’s Work At Home Industry…  
No doubt you’ve encountered one or two on your journey here. You would have also noticed that none of these so-called ‘automated systems’ actually provide you with any useful information since they’re far more concerned with pedaling you their ‘Ebooks’. The majority of which are loaded with affiliate links -- pressuring you to buy multiple products in order to succeed. Not pleasant, but the truthnonetheless.
Unlike the rest, Forex Auto Pilot System enables you to generate a steady stream of income on auto-pilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Allowing you more time to focus on the things you enjoy -- you’ll even be making money in your sleep!  What’s more I’m going to show you how to do all this,


  • WITHOUT a website,
  • WITHOUT a ton of start-up capital,
  • WITHOUT being a computer geek, and
  • WITHOUT any business or trading experience!

Not to put too fine a point on it -- I am offering you a truly legitimate opportunity that people from all over the world, just like you, are achieving amazing results with every single day. The good news is its 100% legal. The better news? It’s 100% automated.

Only today, I received an email from Michael of New York who resigned from his job only 8 weeks after he had started using this system. He was making so much new income working from home on his computer that he had no need to keep working at his regular job.

Just like Michael, this program can do EXACTLY the same for you and you’re probably wondering how I know this…

There’s a valid reason that I’m 100% confident that success can be cloned. You need only look at your local fast-food joint to see what I’m talking about…

For instance -- have you ever wondered why hugely successful companies such as McDonald’s ‘Franchise’ their businesses? Well it’s because they already have a fully-functional and more importantly fully-profitable business model in place. The Franchise owners simply turn up, do things the ‘McDonald’s way’ and they’re guaranteed to make money. The tools and equipment are tried and tested -- McDonald’s HQ even tell them when to buy stock and how much for. The entire system is ‘idiot-proof’.

Why bother re-inventing the wheel? If you already have access to a proven formula for success – use it! There’s absolutely no point in trying to invent something that’s average, when you can duplicate something that’s spectacular.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

OK just to make sure you do… I’m going spell it out… To make real money you require just two things:-

  • Access to the right kinds of information (Just like Bill and Steve)
  • The tools and model to apply it to (Just like the McDonald’s franchise)

And guess what? Forex Auto Pilot System gives you BOTH of them.



Tom, NJ, USA:

" Forex AutoPilot is so easy to use! You can start making money instantly!"


The Forex Auto Pilot System (FAPS for short) grants you access to your very own - Proven, Auto Pilot No-Guesswork Software with an in-built advisory system and step-by-step blueprints on how to use it - completely removing the ‘human error’ factor

This powerful proprietary software comes complete with step-by-step training material that will teach you how to begin making money right from the moment you start!


Watch How YOU Can Effortlessly Produce Your Own Online Wealth...


These scripted programs can make you a fortune


Additionally...If you purchase before July 22, 2014 I’m going to give you unlimited and unconditional access to our award winning customer support team for FREE

As soon as you sign-up you’ll be given a dedicated telephone number to use wherever andwhenever you want. Should you require any assistance or advice they will be there to talk you through step-by-step. How many of those self-proclaimed marketing ‘gurus’ are going to offer you that? I’m thinking not a lot, if any… Remember that we are always here for you should you need us!

By now I’m sure you’re intrigued about how your auto-pilot system will work for you, and how you will be making all of your money. But first, let’s get a few things straight…

I’m not promising you ‘overnight millions’ or ‘instant riches’. Because let’s be honest – it’s a bunch of bull!#$*. You know it and I know it… Yes it’s true, our software has been responsible for the creation of a millionaire or two over a period of time, but the majority of our clients will only ever secure a consistent six-figure income that they can depend on day-in, day-out.    

I mean, any old ‘one-hit-wonder’ can make you a few hundred extra bucks. But what if you had something that earned you a substantial income all day, everyday – for the rest of your life?

Imagine being in charge of a something that never failed to provide you with cash-flow. An everlasting passive income generator, a system so dependable and amazingly profitable that you never had to work for a boss ever again!    



Kevin O Dorrety, New york, New york:

" with forex autopilot your pips will go through the roof!"


I’ll Show You EXACTLY How To Exploit The Forex Market – The World’s Largest Goldmine


The Foreign Exchange or Forex market is by far the largest financial market in the world with an average daily trade of US$ 3 trillion. What does this mean for you? Well it basically means that there’s a HUGE untapped revenue stream out there just waiting to be exploited…

Do you remember what I said about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs knowing exactly what to do and when to do it? The very same thing goes for the Forex market - current statistics show that individual trading on the Forex is set to multiply by 587% during 2008 – 2009.

So NOW is the prime-time to get in on the ground-floor and start making an incredible income completely on auto-pilot!



Here’s All You Have To Do…

1 . Download Forex Auto Pilot
2. Open a Real or Demo account with your broker
3. Run the Advisors on your account and watch your investment GROW AND GROW AND GROW!


By not acting immediately and taking advantage of this amazing opportunity you might as well admit to your family and friends that you don’t want to be successful -- that you would rather struggle financially then make a small investment to secure your own future. But I know you’re a lot smarter than that. How do I know? Because believe it or not -- I was once in your shoes…

Here’s my story…
2 years ago before developing the Forex Auto Pilot System I worked as a Forex Trader on behalf of a wealthy song writer, who for legal reasons must remain anonymous (You will have heard of him though). 
I made my living taking advantages of price differences between the buy and sell prices of currency pairs. By predicting the market trends I made this dude a fortune and the more profit I gained – the more he gave me to invest. Things were going great, unbelievable in fact…


All Good Things Come To An End (At Least If You’re Human)

I began to invest in Intraday – a Highly-Profitable short term trading platform based on large numbers of trades during short periods of time (5 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min, 1 Hour). After 7 Hours I had made a total of $19,000, after 11 Hours the profits equaled $27,500. I was on a roll…

The only downside of Intraday Trading was that I had to constantly monitor the market situation while making a huge number of trades. And after 12 Hours of non-stop concentration and a distinct lack of food and water I was beginning to grow tired. But how could I stop? My profits were through the roof -- the only time I’d ever seen anyone make this much money in one day was on some silly game show or winning the lottery!

Yes, I was tired but I knew if I could make just one more successful investment I’d have made over $50,000 in under 24-Hours, a serious chunk of change I think you’ll agree.. I invested the entire amount in a single trade. The indicators were good. It was just a matter of waiting and riding the trend to completion…But my eyes became heavy… I rested my head on the desk…

I awoke to see a red line plummeting down the graph on my screen. The trade has bottomed-out. Although it had peaked as suspected, I was not awake to exit at a profitable time. I had lost everything and all because I was human!


“Nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen”

Having lost my job and with a mountain of bills to pay I began to search for another career… One thing kept bugging me though. What if I never had to sleep? There was no denying the highly-profitable nature of Intraday trading on the Forex. What if I could develop a fully independent robot to trade for me 24 hours a day? After all this was the 21st Century… The profits would be insane right?
Damn Right! I immediately contacted a friend of mine – Steven Strauss, a programmer with an unbelievable head for figures. We knew that with my Forex savvy and his awesome development skills we were onto a winner. But nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen…


After 3 months of round-the-clock programming it was finally ready. What we came up with was about to blow the roof on the Forex industry. Too excited to wait, we put FAPS to the test -- the results were nothing less than astonishingWithin a week of running the system non-stop, 24 hours a day, our profits had sky-rocketed to $3,089 from an initial investment of just $500!

Below is a screenshot of my trading account after just 7 days of using the Forex Auto Pilot System.


Not only had we created a completely automated trading system for global corporations to use – but by manipulating a unique Intraday trading algorithm we were able to apply the same technology for use by individual traders -- JUST LIKE YOU.



Richard, Canada:

" With autotrading robots I don`t have to be in front of my computer anymore!"


The account below shows just some of the money I’ve generated using the same system that I’m giving you today. My training material will show you how to achieve the exact same results.

Would you like to have a trading balance like this?


That translates in a bank account like this?

Check out Trading Report: how the deposit was doubled just in 2 weeks of trading with FAPS!


Since its inception 18-months ago FAPS has been responsible for the creation of a 8 millionaires with an additional 3,000 clients reporting earnings in excess of $100,000 per year. This isn’t some weekly newsletter ‘advising’ you on how to pick penny stocks. This is the real deal – an incredible system made with one purpose in mind. To continually generate consistent and substantial profits - completely on auto-pilot.


We Chose 5 Traders At Random To Take Part In A 6-Month Case Study. Here’s What They Had To Say…

“I Increased My Investment by Over 140% in Just 3 Days”
“What can I say? After investing just $200 into the Forex Market your auto-pilot software netted me a clear profit of $489.75 in the first 72 Hours! I couldn’t believe how user-friendly it was. Within a month of using the system I only had to work part-time, allowing me to spend more time with my daughter Lauren. Thanks Marcus you’re a real life saver.”

“Even As An Experienced Trader...Freddy’s Step-by-Step Training Materials Still Taught Me A Thing or Two”
“I’m an experienced trader in the Forex market and have tried practically every system out there. Do any of them perform as well as the Forex Auto Pilot System? Not by a long-shot. I’ve been in the industry for 23 years, but the step-by-step success blue prints still taught me a thing or two. I would recommend this product to anybody who is serious about earning a substantial income online.”

“The Automated Robots Are Making Me Money While I Sleep!”
“This thing needs to be kept on a leash! The Automated Forex Robots generated me profits overnight while I was asleep in bed. Not only that, but the telephone support team answered each and every one of my questions while talking me through the entire setup process. Top product and top support, thanks a bunch!”

“$67,000 In 6 Months As A Complete Novice”
“Even though I had absolutely no previous business or trading experience my profits have gone through the roof! I strongly encourage anyone who’s ever wanted to work from home to purchase this system. The best part is that if you’re not 100% completely satisfied with how it performs – just get a refund. There’s absolutely nothing to lose!”

“I No Longer Worry About Having To Work My Way Through College”
“Being a full-time student, studying for a medical degree I have very little time to earn extra cash to help subsidize my tuition. That is, until I found Forex Auto Pilot. Now I just check my Trading account before and after class and watch my investments continue to grow. I’ve yet to see a losing trade. I can’t begin to thank you enough for taking the pressure of debt off my shoulders. I can finally start to enjoy college life - just like the rich kids!”     


Its test results like this that confirms FAPS position in the hierarchy of the online money-making world. Competitors simply can’t replicate our technology and even if they could – they don’t have theknowledge or experience to implement a success blue-print to sustainable profitability. 


Start Generating Passive Income Within Minutes…

Check out just a handful of the key features that make Forex Auto Pilot – the world’s number 1 Work At Home opportunity online…

  • Automated Forex Robots that analyze the market - giving you an ‘unfair advantage’ by placing the odds in your favor. After all, there’s no fun in gambling if you can’t win.


  • Remember ‘trend is your friend’ – Forex Auto Pilot knows EXACTLY when to trade in order tomaximize your profits.


  • If you don’t feel completely secure about ‘live’ trading, simply shape and sharpen your skills on our demo account.
  • Forex Auto Pilot looks at the bigger picture and so helps clearly define the trend. Hidden trends are now a thing of the past!


  • State-of-the-art money management programming that allows the individual trader to turn a profit even under unfavorable conditions on the market.
  • The system never gets angry or greedy allowing trader investment to operate at 100% efficiency.


  • Let your profits run! FAPS allows your position to be open for as long as the market wishes to reward you.
  • Keep it simple stupid” and that’s exactly what our automatic cash formula does! A simple and effective method of trading Forex maintains profits over HUGE amounts of time.


  • Monitoring high amounts of trades during overlapping market hours has become as easy as 1-2-3.
  • The secret ‘Fibonacci Formula’ that determines the most beneficial time to enter and exit the market.



Baily Robert

" ..it does nothing but making money for you!"


Will This Work For Anyone?

Absolutely, you don’t need any previous Forex experience in order to earn a substantial income with Forex Auto Pilot, and it doesn’t matter where you live! We have members in over 100 different countries, so this opportunity is available to almost everyone. It was developed for beginners and experienced traders alike, and with our cookie-cutter step-by-step training material, newbies will gain all the knowledge needed to succeed in the Forex market.  The best part is that the majority of people who use our system are online and trading within minutes of downloading the software.

  • Login to your online broker account.
  • Check how much money you’ve made since you last logged in.
  • Select your amount.&l
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