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T. Series Engine Repair Manual

Product Code: T. Series Engine Repair Manual
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Includes 2T,2T-B,2T-C,2T-G,3T,3T-C

This manual provides information covering general service repair for the 2T, 2T-B, 2T-C, 2T-G, 3T and 3T-C engine equipped on the Toyota Corolla, Trueno, Corolla Liftback, T-18, Carina, Celica and Corona. 

Applicable Models:-

TE31, 37, 38, 47, 51, 71, 72 series

TA14, 23, 28, 40, 47 series

TT132, 133 series

Published August 1980 by Toyota Motor Sales, Japan 



2T and 3T Engine Tune-Up

2T-G Engine Tune-Up

2T and 3T Engine Service

2T-G Engine Service

Lubrication System

Cooling System

Fuel System

Starting System

Ignition System

Charging System

Special Service Tools and Service Specifications

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