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Bitcoin Secrets: How I made $121,787 by risking only 80 bucks

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My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets: How I made $121,787 by risking only 80 bucks and not investing a dime in Bitcoin (PDF EBOOKS)


I’d like to congratulate you for taking the first step towards creating your next successful Bitcoin business. It doesn’t matter if you’re totally new to Bitcoin and this is the first book you’re picking up, or if you’re a complete expert on Bitcoin - this book isn’t about the technical side of Bitcoin. I wanted to take advantage of this intro and set some expectations about what we’ll achieve throughout this book.

The book is divided into three parts; I’ll now give you a quick overview of each.
Part 1: The Bitcoin Ecosystem
This part covers all of the Bitcoin basics you’ll need to know. If you’re new to Bitcoin you’ll get a crash course in what Bitcoin is, the different terminology and generally get you up to speed on everything Bitcoin. This part also covers the different Bitcoin opportunities that are hiding inside the Bitcoin space and how to come up with new Bitcoin business ideas.
The final chapter in this part talks about my own dirty little secret about Bitcoin and how I make money from this space without even having my own product.
Part 2: Creating your Bitcoin business
This part is all about how to create your Bitcoin business with as little time and money as possible. I will give you the exact methods I used on 99Bitcoins and which I still use today to generate new income streams.
After this part you will have a working prototype of your business, which you can then take to the next level and start bringing customers in.
Part 3: Marketing your Bitcoin business like a pro
In the last part of this book we’re going to talk about how to bring customers to your new Bitcoin business. If you already own a Bitcoin business you could jump straight on to this part, but I highly recommend going over the entire book before doing so.