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Barry Burns- Top Dog – Advanced Course – Advanced Price Patterns

Product Code: Barry Burns- Top Dog – Advanced Course – Advanced Price Patterns
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Barry Burns- Top Dog – Advanced Course – Advanced Price Patterns

The insights of this course will blatantly contradict the traditional teachings of price patterns. This course doesn’t address what worked “in theory” 10, 20 or 50 years ago, and has been repeated in every book since. This course demonstrates what works NOW in TODAY’S NEW MARKET ENVIRONMENT.

If you want to learn more than basic Japanese Candlestick Patterns, and you want to gain access to the higher level, more advanced techniques . this course is for you.

Candlesticks are an absolutely excellent tool for helping you find short-term cycle highs and lows helping you find entry and exit points with confidence.

This advanced course picks up where “Candlesticks Made Simple” leaves off by helping you identify larger price patterns that have more long-term significance.

You will learn how to read the big picture “Structure of the Market” that will help you identify wave highs and lows, expansion/contraction cycles and .

– This course will help you find Major Tops and Bottoms in the market!

Price action is not mysterious once you understand it. This course will help you really “see” and understand what is happening in the markets bar-by-bar. It will remove the veil of mystery that clouds most traders’ attempt to have a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of what the markets are doing, and why.

Not only will you learn more advanced price patterns, but you’ll also be shown how to read VOLUME along with PRICE ACTION to gain even more clarity as to what the markets are doing, and what the markets are likely to do in the near future.

The “Advanced Price Patterns Course” will teach you how to easily read the various types of price action bar-by-bar and how to use that knowledge in combination with volume, indicators, the 5 energies, on multiple time frames, and in conjunction with other trading techniques.

In this course you will learn:

– How to use Price Action in conjunction with Volume.
– More trade setups than were given in Foundations 1 and 2, thereby giving you more trading opportunities.
– How to know whether to trade a contraction pattern breakout long or short (this is an amazingly accurate technique rarely seen before).
– How to identify false breakouts before they happen.
– Exactly where to enter and exit these price patterns.
– The psychology behind the patterns.
– How to use Price Patterns with chart indicators (the “5 Energies”) to dramatically increase your probability of success on every trade.
– How the pros and the amateurs trade these patterns differently.
– What are the highest probability reversal patterns.
– An objective way for you to identify these patterns that removes all subjectivity and helps you “see” these patterns when others may miss them.
– How to trade the following patterns with confidence:
– – Head and Shoulders.
– – Double Tops.
– – Double Bottoms.
– – Island Reversals
– – Symmetrical Triangles
– – Ascending Triangles
– – Descending Triangles
– – Ascending Wedges
– – Descending Wedges
– – Rectangles
– – Pennants
– – Flags
– – Breakaway Gaps
– – Continuation Gaps
– – Exhaustion Gaps
– – Megaphones (Expanding Triangles)
– – Parabolic Moves (an especially great pattern for Forex traders!)